Controlling Jesus?


Sunday Worship - 10AM, Sunday School reforms 9/2021

Jun. 06, 2021

“Controlling Jesus?” Pastor Gilman leads us through Mark 3:20-35. Jesus began his ministry with a bang! Many were taught. Many were healed. Many were convinced of their sin. As he came ‘home’ to Capernaum - where he might have expected rest and renewal - he found conflict, opposition and personal challenge. The question for us is: if God begins to move in our midst, are we able to recognize and assist? Can we face correction if it means we will grow spiritually? Hopefully, we do not ‘kill the messenger’ who calls us to health and holiness. Hopefully we don’t slander the work of the Spirit and do the unforgivable. John Bunyan said, “I will venture for thy name…whether I have comfort here or no. Have hope and see!